Moving forward

Well, I've got some big news. After six years as a Web Developer at Workbook, Inc., I have just accepted a new position as UI Developer at I'll be starting on May 17th, which is almost exactly six years since I started at the Workbook on May 15th, 2000.

I'm really sorry to be leaving the Workbook, where I've made many great friends and learned a ton about being a good programmer, which is arguably ironic, given that it's why I'm able to leave now. On the other hand, that's how work works, right? Regardless, I'm really excited about the iFilm job. I'll be primarily focused on client-side development which means HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, web standards, semantic markup... basically all the stuff that gets me all riled up. And, in addition to that, iFilm is (obviously) film-related, so it means that going to Film School for most of the nineties will actually have some relevance to my professional life. It's actually a bit deeper than just a tangential relationship in a roundabout way, because film students from my generation really dig iFilm as pioneers in the online media world.

There's one aspect that won't be such a big change, and that's location. As fate would have it, the Workbook and iFilm are pretty close to each other.