MACROsystems launches four Air National Guard Applications in .NET

In continued efforts to use the most advanced technology to support recruiting efforts for the Air National Guard's (ANG) Recruiting and Retention agency, MACROsystems has migrated a number of the ANG applications to the Microsoft .NET Framework.

The four applications that were developed in the .NET Framework included a consumer website that posts jobs and sends the leads to the individual recruiters. Secondly, a recruiters' administration application that enables each recruiter to build their own site, sign-up and access a system-wide email solution, manage jobs from the Retention & Recruiting group job database and post them on their sites and an events management tool. The third application is the Retention & Recruiting group's administration tool that manages recruiters' websites and the consumer website online. And lastly, an online marketing application for research and leads generation.

One of the most immediate benefits for the ANG Retention & Recruiting group from the .NET migration was the opportunity to include a Microsoft "Smart Client" application. MACROsystems included the Smart Client as part of the .NET migration in order for the ANG Retention & Recruiting group to easily and quickly gather real-time database reports by simply launching an Excel application to retrieve details of ongoing marketing campaigns. The Smart Client uses XML Web Services to easily integrate with the other .NET applications.

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