Chat with FlickIM

Next3 seeks to make communication easier for gen X by granting the Apple iPhone a chat application (like plugin) to let you stay connected with your family and your circle of pals. FlickIM takes only a couple of minutes to load using AT&T’s EDGE network, whereas its counterparts take more than half a minute. It can conveniently open six windows on the screen at any given time, enabling you to manage several chat windows at once.

FlickIM only supports AOL’s AIM, as it is the biggest and the most popular IM platform. It lets you log into AIM and chat with your list of buddies. While most smartphones, like the Palm Treo 680, have IM features, this ones for the iPhone works twice as fast as any other chat application. To send a YouTube video over chat, you can create a link by writing /youtube/moviename or for an iTune trailer type /t/trailername. It uses Google API to find the videos of your choice. FlickIm will also save your friend’s message while you are offline.

This chat feature designed specifically for the apple iPhone is more nimble and will let you easily exchange YouTube videos and Apple movie trailers, while of course staying in touch with your friends.