Define Success to Achieve Success

Achieve SuccessBusiness is often about setting, communicating and managing expectations. Whether it is a company's results or their product development, mismanagement of expectations has cost top CEOs their jobs and senior executives promotions.

Defining success is of utmost importance in business and school as well. Whether you are in a group setting or working alone, ask yourself what is required to conquer the task at hand. Do you wish to score an A? Do you wish to pass? Or are you content to make it out of bed and make it to class?

There are two types of people: those who meet a stated goal and those who surpass them. Find out more about each type.
Success Versus Failure


In professional sports, even though the final score is indisputable, there can be debate about whether or not the winner deserved to win. Even in victory, there may be naysayers who argue that a team benefited from poor officiating, the most famous example of this was in the 1986 World Cup of Soccer. Argentina defeated England on the controversial ''Hand of God'' goal by legend Diego Maradona.

In athletic competition, when that last whistle is blown, it is obvious who has won and who has lost. Business is not as black and white. Some firms may lead in market share, market value or sales, but are they ''The Best?'' If they were, why so many conflicting lists on most admired firms and best places to work. Because business runs over cycles, it is never easy to quantify success. For this reason, perception is everything.

It is sometimes more effective to make it seem like you have won than to actually have won. Whatever the prize may be.

Perception, hype, public relations, noise is everything in business and in life.